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Weird Sex Stories From History

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A Chair Fit for a King

sex edward vii

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King Edward VII, who ruled the United Kingdom and British Dominions from 1901 to 1910, and for whom the Edwardian era is named, was well known for his many extramarital affairs. Given his large size later in life, the king had a special chair designed that allowed his mistresses to lay comfortably on top while he stood in front of them without the fear of crushing them.

A History of Hookers

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A good example of how you can do a million things right and still be remembered for the one thing you did wrong, General Joseph Hooker of the Union Army was a well-known Civil War commander, but 150 years later, he’s best known because his name is synonymous with prostitution.

Although the term “hooker” was in use before Hooker’s time, he helped make the word a common euphemism for prostitutes because of his and his soldiers’ love for women of the night.

The Real Napoleon Complex

sex napoleon


For some reason, we’ve come to believe that Napoleon was an extremely short man, even though he was almost 5’7″. Unfortunately for people who might think that Napoleon complexes don’t exist, and unfortunately for the memory of Napoleon, it does seem to appear that his wiener was on the small side.

As the story goes, the doctor performing Napoleon’s autopsy cut off his member and gave it to a priest, who kept the item in his family for 100 years before it was sold or auctioned several times. Today, it remains in the position of an American urologist who has confirmed that, at about an inch and a half, Napoleon was not so well endowed.