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We’re All Going to DIE… Here’s How

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Any Day Now: #%&@^?! AKA Strange Apocalypse

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Source: Twitter @XavierMaples

Quarks make up some of the smallest components of matter, and their very precise combinations are what build our entire world as we know it. So what would happen if, suddenly, quarks began changing?

Aside from the “up” and “down” quarks that build our world, scientists are aware of the existence of “strange matter,” made up of strange quarks, that existed at certain times in cosmological history such as following the Big Bang.

In their experiments to recreate what it would have been like in the early moments of the universe, scientists have built particle accelerators to further study particle physics. In this doomsday scenario, scientists inadvertently start an atomic chain reaction called an Ice-9 Type Transition in which strange matter uncontrollably begins to “eat up” normal matter and convert everything into strange matter, slowly but surely undoing our planet as we know it.

Any Day Now: Stop! – Is Our Reality Just Somebody’s Dream?

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Source: Twitter @LeadingResults

This end-of-the-world theory drifts further from science and reality, but it’s still a scary thought that even the most scientific of people have considered.

Is anything real? Are we all just here, on the ‘perfect’ planet, under the ‘perfect’ conditions, totally by chance? We’ve no way to prove it (or disprove it), so who’s to say that this thing we call “life” isn’t just some game for a higher being who controls us all? Or who’s to say that we even exist? Perhaps everything you “experience” is like a computer simulation, one giant Matrix tricking us into believing in “reality.”

Near Future: Transform! – Humanity’s Happy Ending

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Source: Twitter @RelearnML

Humans are constantly evolving. And though we like to think we’ll be here forever, the humans of the future will not be the humans we know today. Of course, when Exit Mundi says “near future” on this one, we have to wonder just how “near” they really think this will be, though they cite that with technology, it could be closer than we think. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting doomsday scenario and scientific fact that, one day, humans will no longer exist, because we will all have evolved into something new and different.

And that’s looking on the bright side! Evolution could also find us unfit to continually adapt to our increasingly difficult world. Or natural and man-made destruction to the planet could cause us to evolve in grotesque ways we don’t typically consider attractive, such as humans with no eyes living in a smog planet. Glad I won’t be around!