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What America Needs to Learn from the Attacked Uber Driver

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Warning: the Following Material Is Violent.

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Source: YouTube @Edward Caban

It’s a scary concept, letting strangers into your car and driving them to places unknown, but thousands of cab and Uber drivers across the world do it every day.

It seems that ridesharing and even “homesharing” or couch surfing is the way to travel these days, especially for young people or those on a budget, but with a surge in the popularity of these way intimate ways to get around, there naturally comes a new and heightened risk of danger.

In fact, there are comprehensive lists online of reported Uber incidents, such as alleged kidnappings and assaults. As it so happens, however, most of these negative experiences focus on when the driver was the perpetrator. So what happens when the danger isn’t behind the wheel, but lurking in the back seat?

Edward Caban, a former Uber driver who was recently in the news after being attacked on Halloween weekend, is bringing that new side of the story to light.

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Caban had just started working as an Uber driver in July, but after his experience over Halloween weekend, he’s sworn off the company for good.

What started as a normal night ended up turning into a national controversy when one Uber ride turned violent and went viral. According to Caban’s dashcam, at a little after 8 PM on October 30, a drunk passenger got into the car. Caban later said that he was already wary of his safety because the man was so intoxicated. Luckily, previous uncomfortable trips had led Caban to buy a small can of Mace. Little did he know that this would be the night he’d have to use it.

After the passenger, who can you see collapse in the back seat from his drunkenness, refused to put in his final address or comply with Caban’s requests, the driver decided that the ride was over and that the man would have to leave the car. The passenger, however, was not happy.

As he starts to exit the car, the man then lashes out at Caban, punching him in the side of the head and then proceeding to slap his face and grab his hair. Luckily, the driver pulled out his Mace in time to stop the drunken assault. He then urged onlookers to call the police as the passenger walked away from the car.

So the real question is, what was this guy thinking? Even if Caban hadn’t caught everything on camera, Uber is directly linked to your name, credit card, and other personal information. One of the best things about the rideshare service is that there is a high level of transparency involved. Riders rate drivers and drivers rate riders; everybody is held accountable. There’s no hiding behind a partition of anonymity on either side.

Lesson learned: we need to start treating each other better. Unfortunately we live in a world where a man volunteering his time to drive people home after a long night out feels the need to carry Mace to protect himself. Unfortunately some people just don’t know their limits after a night on the town and turn to violence when someone else calls them out for their inappropriate behavior. People like this guy is why we sometimes have to be careful.

Watch the recording below to see the firsthand account of what happened in the Uber cab. Skip to 2:03 to see the more dramatic part of the video, but remember that the content is a bit violent. SHARE with your friends if you agree we need to start treating each other with more respect.

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