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What Disney Villains Would Look Like In Real Life

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In America we are a Disney obsessed culture. Everywhere you look online there are awesome Disney tattoos, Disney themed weddings and especially artists recreating some of your favorite Disney characters in various and interesting ways. Well this collection of Disney villains by Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen is arguably the most stunning.

I’ve always preferred the bad guys: I think their backstories are often far more interesting (shot out to my favorite of all time, Magneto) because no one starts out as a villain. Ursula from The Little Mermaid is my personal favorite for kick-butt Disney villain because she encompasses all the 7 deadly sins. Check out Jirka’s fantastically realistic version of her:

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Ursula’s got a perfect manicure with perfect red lips to match. She’s styled with wild hair that reflects her personality and brows that are on fleek. This octopus is classy, curvy and oh so evil. Ursula not your type? Don’t worry, he’s got more!

Hades from Hercules


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Check out the wicket attention to detail in the blue hair strands. He also nails the long nose and chin as well as the awkward body with no shoulders.

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

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She looks even scarier than Angelina Jolie’s version. The red eyeshadow really makes her evil yellow eyes pop with jealousy and wrath. Everything about her reeks of evil, but also class.

Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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I think the Queen might be even more intimidating than Maleficent. Her cold dead stare looks like a bitter supermodel who doesn’t want to accept the aging process. She means business and earns her title.

Want some men? He’s got those, too!

Captain Hook from Peter Pan

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A wonderful reimagining by Jirka of the notorious pirate. I think I even prefer this over Dustin Hoffman’s over-the-top version in Hook. The wild hair and eyebrows give him a crazed look, but his perfectly manicured mustache and pearly whites says that he’s also a little vain and proud.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast


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Ugh. He nailed the punchable face that cocky Gaston has. This should go in the dictionary under “d-bag.” Check out the chest hair peaking out from the shirt that’s too tight.

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