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What Ever Happened to That Chain-Smoking Baby?

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The whole world was shocked

Images and video of a toddler in Indonesia puffing away on cigarettes spread across the world like wildfire; people were incredibly disgusted that his family not only sat there and watched him do it, but that they bought him packs of cigarettes every day. We were worried that little Ardi could have a heart attack at only two years old from smoking dozens of deadly cigarettes every single day of his life. But someone finally intervened, and we’re wondering how little Aldi is doing now.

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Did baby Ardi finally kick the habit?

The Smoking Baby

Aldi smoking baby

Source: YouTube @ODN

Photos and videos surfaced a few years ago of a young child happily smoking cigarettes at his home surrounded by family and neighbors. He was doing things that a normal child would do like play with a toy instrument, ride bikes and play with water guns, and he did it all while expertly smoking cigarette after cigarette, even using his spent cigarette to light up the next one immediately. His family became known to the Indonesian government who began efforts to help the child.

40 Cigs a Day

Aldi smoking baby

Source: YouTube @ODN

Ardi’s family claimed they don’t know how he started smoking, but that he was up to an astounding 40 cigarettes a day! That’s more than the heaviest adult smokers can handle. Ardi’s mother said that if she didn’t give him any, he’d violently bang his head on the wall which she couldn’t stand to watch, so his father went out and bought packs for him.