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What Ever Happened to the Cast of EPIC ’90s Movie ‘Empire Records’?

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“Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior!”

Records stores are few and far between these days. Now they are just tiny hole-in-the-walls dedicated to the serious audiophile. But in the 1990s, the massive Tower Records was where you went to get your cassettes and CDs because you couldn’t download at lightning speeds, let alone stream anything. Empire Records was a movie about a small indie record shop and the quirky alt kids working there. This was during the height of grunge, complete with flannel, Doc Martins, apathy and resentment. The cast had up-and-coming stars with such developed characters for ennui and angst. But what did the movie catapult some of them into? Check out the then and nows of the cast of 1995s Empire Records.

empire records cast

Credit: Warner Bros.

“Why don’t you all just fade away?”

Liv Tyler

liv tyler before and after

Credit: Warner Bros; Theo Wargo/Getty Images

We all know who this stunning beauty is. She played Corey, good girl with the secret drug addiction. Who could forget that outfit of mohair belly sweater with a plaid skirt? Tip-top ’90s fashion! First known as Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv has certainly made a career of her own in the acting world. She is now 39, and I remembered for her roles in That That Thing You Do, Armageddon, and the Lord of the Rings films. Recently she switched the the little screen to star in The Leftovers.

Maxwell Caulfield


Credit: Warner Bros.; Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images

OMG! It’s washed up ’80s rocker REX MANNING! Corey was ready to lose her virginity to him before realizng what a jerk he turned out to be. British Maxwell had a steady career since the 1980s, making appereances in shows like Modern Family as well as doing a lot of stage work.