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What Ever Happened to the Cast of ‘Party of 5’?

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Claudia Salinger

claudia salinger party of 5

Source: FOX

Claudia was also one of the younger kids on the show who didn’t have as many exciting story lines. She was, however, a child genius and the show’s younger audience loved to watch her scheme.

Lacey Chabert

lacey chabert

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Stringer/Getty Images

Lacey enjoyed some high profile film roles like her unforgettable character in Mean Girls (“You can’t sit with us!”). But she has opted for more work doing voice acting. At least you don’t have to go through hair and makeup!

Charlie Salinger

charlie salinger party of 5

Source: FOX

Charlie had to grow up from a goofy, suave 20-something to a father-figure for his younger siblings. He was the oldest Salinger, and people who had a similar role in their families felt close to Charlie.