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What Is Your Country’s Most Embarrassing Contribution to the World?

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Global Guilt

Isn’t the world a funny place? Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s awful, but it’s all there is, and each of us needs to do our best to leave it better than we found it, or at least try.

And how we try! But we’re only human, and sometimes we make mistakes. Even things that seem to be inspired ideas at the time can go awry, leading to embarrassing results. Even if these valuable mistakes teach us life-lessons, a negative reputation might remain. We’ve all been there.

Unfortunately, the same thing happens on a much larger scale. Different countries and the cultures connected to them are often known by major accomplishments and major errors, as well as any and all stereotypes associated with them.

When I name the following countries, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? France. England. Japan. While every country may represent something entirely different for each of us, there’s a good chance you resorted to familiar stereotypes such as the Eiffel Tower, cheese, Big Ben, Union Jack, and sushi. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. These most obvious and often surface-level relations are quick and easy ways to teach foreigners about the general gist and history of things.

Now what if I asked you to think of the most negative or embarrassing aspect of these countries? When traveling abroad, who hasn’t become a scapegoat for their entire nation’s wrongdoings singled out by some politically-minded foreigner? Redditors from around the world were asked to share their country’s most embarrassing contribution to the world, and their responses are both hysterical and insightful.

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What’s the worst thing your country has ever done?

Urine for a Surprise

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The US unleashes a lot of c**p… but I would say of the things that truly went global… It’s either tobacco or heavily marketed bad beer? (FalstaffsMind)

About That

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Literally Hitler. (nexnex)

At least you also gave us Mozart. (WhyAmINotStudying)

And Arnold Schwarzenegger. Come on, let’s not forget the really important stuff. (Insanelopez)