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What Ridiculous Thought Would You Think in Order to Expose a Mindreader?

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Can you read my mind?

Do you ever wonder that someone out there can read your mind? And does it make you nervous?

No matter if you’re a saint or a sinner like the rest of us, it’s only human to have less than kind, very perverted, or downright bizarre thoughts. After all, we don’t consciously control many things that come across our mind.

Would you be embarrassed to let people hear what’s going on inside your head? Well you’re not alone. Just what would those people hear, exactly?

Imagine you were in a room with a crowd of people and you knew that one of them was a mindreader. What wild and crazy thoughts would you think in order to expose them? Redditors were asked to share their ideas, and needless to say, they’re hilarious.

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Would you even want to read these minds?

Get Out

key ring

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When should i tell everyone i have the key to unlock the door (Kiko9161988)

Or something like “I wonder when someone will realize you just need to knock on the door for it to open” (MangoTux)

Knocking on the door is a natural idea to get out. Anyone might decide to try that. (swohio)

Don’t knock it till you try it, I guess. (Covert_Ruffian)

Knock Knock

man knocking on door

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I would tell myself knock knock jokes but never think the punch line. (PinscherPantone)

I would just tell the stupid orange joke until someone comes over and punches you. Then you’ll know. (ILL_Show_Muself_Out)