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What These Shoppers Found Inside Leather Handbags Will Horrify You

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The interiors of the bags were filled with life-like flesh and organs, complete with blood and pulse.

Handbag with animal organs installed in the interior by PETA

Source: YouTube @ThePETAAsiaPacific

Ok, PETA. I think we hear your message loud and clear! You can watch the full (GRUESOME) video on the next page, but first, some fast facts about goods produced with animal products:

Did you know that more than a BILLION animals die in the leather industry every year? Did you know that it takes four crocodiles to make one croc-skin handbag? Did you know that often, animals are skinned ALIVE to make leather? The animals killed to make leather often have abominable lives, being malnourished and tortured.

Still want that new Louis Vuitton you’ve had your eye on?

If you think this PETA stunt was bad, wait till you hear about the time they tried to get Ben & Jerry’s to use human breast milk in their ice cream products. Keep Reading for more on that, and the gory handbag video!

“People are often blind to the cruelty involved…”

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Watch this video and tell me that you’re not feeling kind of bad for all the ways you incorporate animal products in your life. Now, on a less serious note…

One time, PETA actually sent a letter to Ben & Jerry’s asking them to start using human breast milk.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor

Source: Instagram @benandjerry’s

I wonder what that flavor would have been called. Mother’s Love? PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk was later interviewed about the odd request in TIME magazine, and she admitted that “It isn’t very feasible at all. But it was great fun to suggest it!”

PETA’s publicity stunts aren’t meant to always be serious or to change people’s lives on the spot, but to make you think about animals’ rights in areas of your life where you normally wouldn’t.

To that end, I think they’re doing a bang-up job.

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