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What We Can Learn from How Amy Schumer Handled This Teenage #SlutShamer

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“I Truly Apologize… I Should Leave the Comedy to You!”

Since her career has continued to skyrocket from when Inside Amy Schumer first aired in 2013, comedienne Amy Schumer has been no stranger to controversy.

From fat-shaming and slut-shaming to degrading her as a comic, woman, and human being, Schumer has been the subject of seemingly nonstop criticism from the biggest celebrities to even the smallest of haters.

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Her latest adversary? Outspoken teenage critic Jackson Murphy, who used a photo opportunity with Schumer at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards on January 17 to then take a stab at her sexual reputation.

Here’s What He Said

Shots Fired

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Source: Twitter @LCJReviews

What started as an innocent picture between Amy Schumer and film critic and fan Jackson Murphy turned into something much darker as the boy jabbed at Schumer’s sexual promiscuity by writing “Spent the night with @amyschumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that. #CriticsChoiceAwards.”

Famous for her provocatively sexual sense of humor, as well as skits and now film roles that play on her own sexual activity, Amy Schumer’s comedy is built around cleverly-crafted looks into the sexualization of women and the double standards that exist around sex in our society today.

But who is this boy and why did he think a tweet like that would ever be considered appropriate?

Jackson Murphy

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Source: Twitter @LCJReviews

You may not know him by name, but Jackson Murphy is an Emmy-winning film critic, and in fact, he’s the youngest-ever winner of a New York Emmy Award, in the category of On Camera Talent: Commentator/Editorialist. Now seventeen years old, Murphy was just twelve years old at the time of his win.

Jackson rose to some prominence first for his lively movie reviews and accurate Oscar predictions, and later for his “ridiculous” personality, which makes him feel more like the caricature of someone from New York state in a bygone era, or perhaps a character from a Woody Allen movie.

A former contributor to Ebert Presents: At the Movies, the teen critic continues to make TV appearances as well as uploading his movie reviews to his website Lights Camera Jackson, as well as his YouTube channel of the same name.