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What Will Be the Most Common Questions Asked of People Born Before 2000?

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Remembering What Matters

boobies calculator

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It’s already weird when my Niece hears me talk about tapes and discmans, home phones, msn and spice girls. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’m old as dust and hard of hearing, hopefully they’ll ask me how to spell boob on a calculator because I will still remember that. (Sasha_Fire)


911 responder

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Is the emergency services number in America 911 because of 9/11? (grumbleycakes)

My wife is a 6th Grade Social Studies teacher, and I can confirm this is already a real question asked by her kids every year when they talk about 9/11. (Christopholies)

You Used to Call Me on My Landline

old fashioned landline phone


What’s a landline?
Which would no doubt lead to:
What?! A family had to share a phone that was attached to a wall?! (shottylaw)

Growing up (I’m 32), we didn’t even have a phone. A girl at school asked me for my phone number so I panicked and gave them my grandparents phone number. They lived down the block so when she called, my grandma answered and stalled her while my grandpa hopped in the Buick to pick me up and quickly drive me back to thier place. Damn, I really miss him. EDIT: due to the popularity of this post, I feel compelled to tell you this phone call resulted in my first invite to a boy & girl birthday party and my first slow dance to Boyz 2 Men. (porkpiery)