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What Would You Do If Nothing Was Illegal?

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The Ultimate Free for All

From our youngest years onward, we learn quickly that there are rules in life.

From not taking what isn’t ours to not going where we’re not allowed, rules start small (with big implications) and becoming increasingly more specific. Failure to follow these rules results in punishment, and trouble recognizing these rules and all their nuances can lead to social ridicule.

That being said, who doesn’t dream about breaking the rules, or just bending them a little, every now and then? Just think of how convenient that would be.

And how dangerous.

Chaos is the fundamental opposite of all organized societies. Many movies and works of fiction present us with the idea of a town, country, or world that has descended into complete pandemonium, specifically to show us exactly what could happen when the rules don’t matter anymore and laws can’t be enforced.

Though at first you might imagine an enormous sense of freedom where you can speed as much as you want, loot all those clothes, cars, or technology you wanted, or do just about whatever you wanted, you have to remember that this would also apply to everyone else, including those with more sinister ideas of fun.

Redditors were asked what they would do if nothing was illegal, and here’s what they came up with.

the purge people at doorbell

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What would you do?

Things to Think About

the purge election year

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Hide from all the crazy rapists and murderers who now are here. (FlossHorse)

Everyone talks about how much they would steal and riot during the purge, meanwhile i’d be s***ting myself trying to hide from the psychos looking to kill everyone. (CannedWolfMeat)


older woman driving car

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I wouldn’t kill people or do drugs. The most likely thing I’d do would be drive faster, not dangerous driving just faster, get places quicker. (Um-Tom)