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Check Out What Your Date Of Birth Reveals About Your Personality

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Number six

ben affleck 2015 red carpet

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You are family oriented. “Blood is thicker than water” is your motto. You also are carefree and happy go lucky. Your generous attitude and good nature means you live every day to the fullest. Your downfall is that you cannot handle criticism or anyone who disagrees with you. Smiley father and actor Ben Affleck represents a six very well.

Number seven

will ferrell red carpet 2015

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Sevens are very compassionate, giving, and also rational. You have great intuition and your gut reaction is always right. You put others before yourself, but don’t let them take advantage of your kind nature. You can be overly sensitive to things and have problems expressing your emotions. Learning to open is no easy feat, but make it a priority and you will be rewarded. We wonder what’s going on under the silly demeanor of comedian Will Ferrell, as he’s a seven.

Number eight

elvis looking handsome

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Confident and hardworking, eights have a head for business and money. You are highly competitive and daring and others view you are intimidating more often than not. Sometimes you have to let get of being in bossy mode and have patience for those who aren’t as outgoing and strong as you are. Eight Elvis Presley excelled at everything he did.