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What Your Feet Say About You

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So You’ve Heard Of Palm Reading, Right?

Well, this is kind of like that, except instead of reading the lines in your hand, the gypsy is going to be looking at the shape and condition of your feet.

Before you discount this as total horse poo, take it from someone who knows what they’re talking about:

“The fact is that when you are experiencing strong emotions, your whole body shows it. We’re used to the way in which tension, for example, is reflected in the head, or neck, or stomach. But feelings also show up in the feet, too. Did you know that when you are embarrassed, the neck of your big toe blushes red?” – Jane Sheehan, author of Let’s Read Our Feet



Start the slideshow below to find out what your feet say about YOU, and then SHARE! You may find your feet know you better than you know yourself!.

The Greek Foot



Also referred to as a “flame foot,” you know you have this kind of foot if your second toe next to your big toe is significantly longer than all of the others. Traits associated with this type of foot are creativity, athleticism, enthusiasm, and sociability.
Nevertheless, that long toe doesn’t make you perfect! Greek-footed individuals are often over-thinkers and can be unnecessarily cautious before making a decision — stress and worrying are not uncommon.

Roman Foot



When you think roman foot, think perfect foot. The toes are straight and well-proportioned to one another and to the size of the foot, and each toe from the middle is slightly smaller than the one before and they form a straight, 45 degree angle outward from the center.
Balance is key for the bearer of the Roman foot. This person is a risk-taker who is unafraid of new people and exploring new places and ideas. If you have a Roman foot, you may want to try your hand at business — you definitely have the mind for it!