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What’s Going to Be the “Turns Out Cigarettes Are Bad For Us” of Our Generation?

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Talkin’ ‘Bout My (De)generation

In every age, humans tend to think themselves as the most intelligent of beasts, even as natural selection takes us out one by one.

Advanced as we may be, humans still make countless mistakes all the time, from eating, drinking, and otherwise ingesting harmful substances to fooling around with dangerous toys and technology, or simply walking into the street without looking both ways.

More often than not, the things we do that cause us the most harm in the long run are some of the things we pay the least attention to or, despite the warnings from experts, choose to continue doing or using because of their popularity.

For hundreds of years, humans smoked cigarettes as though they contained the oxygen necessary to survive, while in reality they were slowly but surely killing everyone who took a puff. It wasn’t until relatively recently that we’ve even become aware of just how bad cigarettes and tobacco use in general are, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people around the world from smoking all day, making the tobacco industry—while lethal—so wildly successful.

Redditors were asked to take a step back and look at the common choices we make today regardless of their health implications. Which of these will become the “Turns out cigarettes are bad for us” of our generation?

bad habits cigarettes

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Some of these are things you might do every day.

My Neck, My Back

bad habits bad posture


Looking down at your phone all day is doing wonders for your back and neck (jables7)

Or sitting in office chairs 8 hours a day on the computer. (JinxsLover)

Big Brother

bad habits big brother


Giving away our privacy, for the sake of a little convenience.

Being so cavalier with handing over all the intimate details of our daily personal lives. Giving away all our professional and personal communications, all our movements and location habits, all our health at fitness information, all our shopping habits, information about everything we say and do in our private lives, all of the personal files that we used to keep locked up on our own hard drive–giving all of this away to who knows how many corporations and their partners and their partner’s partners. All for the sake of having certain apps on your smartphone, for having google maps in your car, for being able to change the channel on your TV without having to reach for the remote.
“Bro, I’ve got nothing to hide! What’s the worse that could happen?”

I’m afraid that our generation will learn what’s the worse that could happen. (JillyBeef)