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What’s Life Like for Super Wealthy People?

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Money can’t buy happiness? REALLY?!

We all like to daydream about what we would do if we won the lottery. Pay off your parent’s house. Buy some sick properties. Donate it. YAWN! Think bigger people! Like a solid gold car, a tank, ROCKETS! But let’s talk day-to-day life for the mega rich. Do they use the same toilet paper as us? We know they ride in private jets, but what goes on in there? How do they get their groceries? Redditors who are either wealthy or close to the wealthy share their secrets for us plebs.

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Where do they go to the bathroom if they’re in public?!

Rich vs. RICH

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I can answer this one. For some reason, I attract these people into my life. I don’t do anything super extraordinary. I am not famous. But I count many people with ultra high net wealth among my close friends and I have spent more time than even I can believe with 8 different billionaires. This is not just meet-and-greet time. This is small group and even one-to-one time. I dated the daughter of one billionaire several decades ago. So I have gotten a peek into this life.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. There are gradations of rich. I see four major breaking points:

Small Peanuts

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Worth $10mm-$30mm liquid (exclusive of value of primary residence). At this level, your needs are met. You can live very comfortably at a 4-star/5-star level. You can book a $2000 suite for a special occassion. You can fly first class internationally (sometimes). You have a very nice house, you can afford any healthcare you need, no emergency financial situation can destroy your life. But you are not “rich” in the way that money doesn’t matter. You still have to be prudent and careful with most decisions unless you are on the upper end of this scale, where you truly are becoming insulated from personal financial stress. (Business stress exists at all levels). The banking world still doesn’t classify you as ‘ultra high net worth’