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What’s Something Socially Acceptable in Your Country That Is Considered Odd in Others?

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Finland: Prude Nudes

attractive man in sauna nude

Credit: Jasminko Ibrakovic/Shutterstock

Finland: Getting naked with a bunch of strangers in a tiny, hot room. (ImTheBengaliTiger)

America’s Sick Burn

drawing of man in full body cast in bed

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If you can’t afford medical care, you just die. (ucantsimee)

UK: Total Embarrassment

fawtly towers still

Source: BBC

In the UK, if a waitress or waiter drops a plate, or smashes a glass in a restaurant, at least one person (and often many people) in the restaurant will shout WHEEEYYYYYYYYY. In effect, deliberately highlighting their mistake with a loud, sarcastic jeer.
It’s really not clear why this happens, but just does, and I don’t think it would be acceptable in most other countries. (chrissssmith)