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What’s the Difference Between Public School Lunches and Jail Food?

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Let’s play a sad game…

Anyone who went to public school in the US knows how bad the food is. Even though it’s cheap and many parents don’t have the time or means to prepare a healthy lunch for the children, it doesn’t mean we should be giving the the future generations meat byproducts and overcooked frozen vegetables. Our children are growing humans who need all the vitamins and minerals they can get. So should public school students get the same quality of food as prisoners? Well looking at the following photos, it sure seems like our kids are getting the same foodstuffs as convicted criminals. Check out the unappetizing photos and try to guess if they are from schools or prisons.

prison food 06

Source: Twitter @‏KevinMeenaghan

Get ready to be grossed out

1. Get ready! We’ll reveal the answers at the end.

school lunch 01

Source: Imgur @shmayy

2. Oooh, two kinds of meat! Must be a holiday!

prison food 001

Source: Twitter @CBCSask