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Man Stunned by What Happens When Police Officer Pulls Him Over for Speeding

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Not All Cops Are Bad Cops

After many more unjustified shootings of black people this month, the masses are fed up with the unchecked police brutality that seems to be running amok in our streets every day. These homicides under the guise of the law are bringing to light a long history of violence that black people have suffered because of racism and bias, and people are fighting back through organized protests with Black Lives Matter and marching in the streets to show a unified front in confronting and ending these crimes against Americans.

But it can be hard to remember during these times that there are many good people who work in law enforcement overshadowed by these bad cops. One man who didn’t believe that he would ever get a break from a cop just received the surprise of his life.

Alton Sterling protest

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Mark was sure he was going to jail, but Officer Robison just couldn’t let that happen.

A Nation Divided


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For the last few years, racial tensions have been rising in America as police brutality against African Americans has brought dialogues about systemic racism to the forefront of national media. In the past month especially, there have been protests in the streets in Sacramento, El Cajon, Tulsa, Charlotte, and other cities because people are fed up with unjustified police brutality and the killing of black people.

Streets Ran Red

Baton Rouge Police Protest

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But we cannot paint the entire police force with one broad stroke; cops are people too. There are some good ones and some bad ones; there are hot heads, who are way too quick to pull a trigger, and there are people who want to make a positive impact on their community for everyone. Police officers themselves have been the target of rioters; five officers were killed by rioters who believed that there are no good cops. Does murder justify murder in these cases? Have things gone so far off course that statements about ending violence must be written in the blood of the innocences on both sides?