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When Dads Text, Hilarity Ensues

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Dad humor at its finest.

Most of us aren’t ashamed to admit that our dads–while our superheroes and the best guys we know–are often terribly and predictably corny.

Dad humor is nothing new. Though once portrayed as the head of the household and the fount of all wisdom in many works of fiction and iconic TV shows like Leave It to Beaver, dads over the past few decades have declined to the likes of Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin, and after you see these hilarious texts, you’ll understand why.

Is your dad a total goof? These awesome texts between dads and their kids will crack you up and make you want to text your father to see what shenanigans he’s up to today.

dad featured

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Has your dad ever texted you like this?


dad 1 donuts

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Lightly Fried Fish Fillets

dad 2 fish

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