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When Good Times Go Bad: 12 Examples of People Going From Extremely Happy to Extremely Angry

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Who invited this guy, anyway?!

We’ve all witnessed at least one party foul. And the more unfortunate of us have committed them. One minute everyone is happy, laughing and having fun and the next moment someone drops a glass of red wine on a white carpet. Or someone gets too drunk. Or a fight breaks out. The reasons to upset a good time are endless, and they can be pretty entertaining as long as you weren’t involved. Redditors have shared their best stories of witnessing things that go from awesome to awful.

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Laugh at their faux pas.

Beware of Nerds

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During bar trivia the question was “What was the biggest fish in Finding Nemo” the answer was “blue whale”
Whales aren’t fish.
People started yelling at the guy that whales are mammals. They said it was in the water so it counted as a fish. I asked if the dentist was a fish since he was in the water.
That Applebee’s just barely avoided a riot that night (Pipthepirate)

Keep it on the Green

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At my work we host weddings.
A few years ago the groom and one of our waitresses were caught having sex on the ninth green by the maid of honour.
The 180 degree turn of drunk happy people to incredibly angry drunk people was insane, the families were screaming at each other the bride was crying, the mother of the bride was crying, the dad was being held back cause he was gonna kill the groom (understandable). We ended up calling the police, they came and escorted the grooms family out the door (some of the smart grooms family took off right away when they heard). It all happened within an hour.
We call the incident “Night putting” (kpc45)