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When It’s Okay to Body Shame: Unclothed Trump Hits Streets Across the Country

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The Mighty Have Fallen

The statues were made from 300 pounds of clay and silicone, and Ginger has been working on them in his free time since they were commissioned in April. Each one weighs 80 pounds.

While Ginger admits the mouth was the hardest part to get right, he purposefully designed the bodies to evoke disgust, from sagging skin, billowing fat, varicose veins, and unsightly genitals. Considering how much Trump makes fun of other individuals and groups, we’ll let the body shaming slip this time.

Of course, these illegal art installations didn’t stand a chance against city ordinance codes, and they were promptly taken down amidst cries from those gathered to watch. Here’s a video from a crowd protesting the city workers in Union Square, New York City, when they came to remove it. As the statue was glued to the ground, it broke off at the feet and the workers had to scrape away the remnants.

The Final Jab

naked donald trump statue woman in shame

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In New York, city officials dealt with the nauseating statue in an especially tongue-in-cheek way. Citing laws preventing illegal street art, the NYC Parks Department said in a statement, “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

Just when you thought small phallus jokes belonged on the middle school playground, NYC Parks Department goes to show just how much fun a government job can be after all.

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