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When Life Imitates Art: Amazing Paintings Brought to Life

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The Art Institute of Chicago Just Brought Art to Life.

Feel like walking into a Van Gogh? Now’s your chance.

Two Van Gogh paintings, depicting his bedroom in Arles, France, recently arrived from Europe to join their triplet, which hangs permanently in Chicago. To celebrate, the Institute built a replica of his iconic bedroom with the same dimensions and coloring.

van gogh 1

Source: Twitter @ABC

Bringing classic paintings to life is one of the most interesting ways to keep art alive and relevant, especially for younger audiences. By making a painting less abstract and returning it to its original physical place that first inspired the audience, art transcends strictly creative boundaries and becomes accessible to all.

Here’s what the recreated bedroom looks like…

It almost still looks fake, but the physical copy of the bedroom perfectly matches the whimsical color scheme of the painting itself, as well as the proportions and tiny details.

van gogh 2

Source: Twitter @ABC

The “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” exposition opens on Valentine’s Day and runs through May 10.

But aside from to-scale reconstructions of paintings, there are numerous other ways to bring art to life.

van gogh 3

Source: Imgur @mylastusernamewastoolong/ Artcyclopedia

Artcyclopedia applied tilt shift perspective distortion to some of Van Gogh’s most famous works, adding depth and realism to his colorful scenes.