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When Optical Illusions Go Horribly Wrong!

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Do you see what I see?

Life is all about perspective, and, sometimes, a new point of view will have us seeing things in an entirely different light.

There’s so much to be seen all around us; sometimes it’s hard to take everything in. But have you ever seen something weird that no one else arounds you seem to notice? Or perhaps you were too embarrassed to admit what you saw.

Or maybe you were looking through pictures and noticed something odd about the angle, a trick of the eyes, perhaps, that led you to think you saw something you know you shouldn’t have.

Hey, we’ve all been there, and these pictures are proof! From perverted perspectives to perfect timing, these are hilarious!

optical illusions big ben

Source: Imgur

These optical illusions are SO wrong…

Pre-Flight Fright

optical illusion neck pillow butt

Source: Imgur

Poor woman has no idea!

Smile and Say “Cheeks”

optical illusion butt arm

Source: Imgur

I’ve never seen a butt hold a beer can like that before!