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When They Body-Shamed This Olympic Gymnast, Twitter Army Pounced

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More Hate

Alexa Moreno competes in the qualifying for the women's Beam event of the Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympic Arena during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/Getty images

The tweets didn’t stop.

@TonySopranx said, “‘My dream is to win one of those hot dog eating contests.’ –Alexa Moreno.” Another user said, “Alexa Moreno, another example of pseudo athletes sent by the CONADE just to fill the quota.”

Fans were not ok with this. They immediately rushed to Twitter in support of Alexa.

Fans to the rescue

Alexa Citlali Moreno Medina of Mexico performs during the women's vault final at the World Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo on October 15, 2011


Fans clapped back at all the body-shamers on Twitter, defending the 99-pound gymnast:

“#AlexaMoreno, thank you for giving many young Mexican girls hope. You rock… #rio2016” – @jucruz86

“People are body-shaming Mexican Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno, but they can’t even do a flip on a beam or reach for the TV remote.” – @amyharvard_

“I’d love to see anyone body-shaming Alexa Moreno do that badass floor routine she pulled off. She’s a tremendous athlete and cute as can be.” – @CalliFugate

Since these tweets popped up, most of the insulting tweets have been deleted.

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