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When This Blind Painter Draws Their Faces They Couldn’t Believe What She Creates

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This is great…

I’m sure everyone knows this, but when you lose one of your senses, the others enhance greatly and very quickly.

Take my great-grandmother, for instance. She was blind all of my life, but her sense of hearing and touch were extremely strong. When we’d go over to her house as kids, she’d know exactly where we were at all times. It was very hard to take advantage and run amuck. I was totally impressed, kind of like these strangers who let a blind painter make them her masterpiece.

Blind Painter Prank 01

Source: YouTube/Just For Laughs Gags

In what looks like a mall, a blind woman stops random strangers, asking them to let her draw their faces. When they oblige, they witness the unexpected…

The Painter and Her Assistant

Blind Painter 02

Source: YouTube/Just For Laughs Gags

The lady to the right is the “painter.” And the lady to the left is her “assistant.” What the following people don’t know is that this is a prank…

Strangers were leery

Blind Painter Prank 03

Source: YouTube/Just For Laughs Gags

When the strangers sat down they actually had no clue that she was “blind.” So, when they found out, they were very hesitant to let her draw their faces…