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Where Is the Cast of ‘The Little Giants’ Now?

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You’re mine, Pom Pom!

It has been almost twenty-two years since the movie The Little Giants hit the big screen in theaters everywhere. In case you need a refresher on the plot, the movie followed two brothers, Danny and Kevin O’Shea, who happened to be rival coaches of youth football teams. Kevin’s Cowboys were the scary, huge band of meat heads while Danny’s Little Giants team consisted of rejects and misfits.

The film’s cast was comprised of almost all child actors, and, since a lot can happen in twenty-two years, we decided to check in on the actors and see what these grown up giants are up to now.

Cast of Little Giants

Credit: Warner Bros

See what they are up to now!

Danny O’Shea

Danny O Shea

Credit: Warner Bros/George De Sota/Getty Images

In 1997, Rick Moranis retired from acting when his wife tragically died of cancer. He dedicated his time to raise his children. However, he didn’t let his comedic genius go to waste. He now makes spoof music (nominated for a Grammy in 1983 and 2005) and writes occasional op-eds.

Debbie O’Shea

Debbie O’Shea

Source: Warner Bros/Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

Courtney Peldon continued her acting career and is perhaps best known for her role as Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s on-screen girlfriend, Lauren, on Home Improvement. She most recently was the voice of a couple of characters in Disney’s Frozen.