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Who Had the Most Sex of All Time?

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So yeah, Genghis Khan has 17 million descendants…

Oscar Wilde is quoted as having said “Everything in the world is about sex. Sex is about power.” In that case, boy are these people powerful.

Depending on your culture and lifestyle, sex might be something you keep behind locked doors or totally commonplace, and while some of us may simply not enjoy it and choose to abstain, others are positively insatiable. Take, for instance, these names from history of people who have had THE MOST sex.

I’ve heard about the Genghis Khan stories before, but Wilt Chamberlain? Where do these people find the time?

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Credit: Wen Roberts/ Getty Images

These people just couldn’t be stopped…

6. Warren Beaty: ~12,775

sex warren beatty

Credit: Fox Photos/ Getty Images

An enduring Hollywood sex symbol, one biography’s title hailed this 20th century Casanova as the man who “seduced America.” That might literally be true, as the actor is estimated to have had sex with someone new every day between the age of 20 and 55.

5. John Holmes: ~14,000

sex john holmes


The inspiration for movies like Wonderland and Boogie Nights, John Holmes was one of the most prolific adult actors of all time. Between his private and professional life, Holmes once said he had sex with 14,000 partners, but he later joked with a psychologist that he had been exaggerating, and that in reality, his number was only at 13,895.