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Why Do People Cheat? Redditors Tell All!

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Cheaters of Reddit reveal their dirty secrets

Cheating is as old as time. There are different views on the subject, but when it happens people just want to know why. Wouldn’t it just be easier to end the relationship? Is it insecurity? Do people want to have their cake and eat it too? Are we really just slaves to our basest instincts?

Thankfully, Reddit users weighed in on why they chose to cheat instead of breaking up. Check out these excuses!

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OMG I can’t believe these!

Lonely Cheater

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I’m not proud of it, but it was loneliness coupled with depression. She was away for a few weeks and I was a bit isolated somewhere I didn’t really know anyone, had no-one to talk to, etc. So kinda hooked up with someone as much out of desperation for the conversation as for the physical side. (jasontredecim)

Crazy Ego

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Being physical with someone is a positive reinforcement for my ego. (29thsept2016)