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Why Having an Irish Grandma Is the Best

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Naughty Grandmas in Disguise

grandmothers rob post office

Source: YouTube/ West Yorkshire Police

Do two grannies entering a store, going about their business sound like suspicious characters to you? Probably not, but you might rethink that after this wild news from Yorkshire, especially when one of them pulls out a shotgun.

The Evidence

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Turns out they weren’t grandmothers at all, but much like the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood,” they were criminals with a far more sinister intent.

The man in the wheelchair is actually Martin Pick (38) being pushed by his son Declan (17) into the Boston Spa Post Office in West Yorkshire. Martin quickly pulled a shotgun out from his blanket, and the father-son duo robbed the cashiers. They ran out to the street, where passersby were able to rip off their costumes and recover all of the stolen cash before they thieves made it to a car where Martin’s brother Mark (42) was waiting.

All three men were eventually apprehended thanks to DNA recovered from their wigs and costumes. The older men were sentenced to a total of more than 30 years behind bars.

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