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Why Stress Over Your Resume When Someone Else Can Do It for You

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Robot Readers

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Something a lot of people don’t realize is that online applications have what we like to call “robot readers.” Employers program the robot with keywords, and if your resume lacks any of those keywords, your resume won’t even reach the eyes of the hiring manager. Those optimized keywords (mentioned previously) sound pretty useful now, don’t they?

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Hear It From the Clients

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Robert Hoepfner from Wisconsin raved saying, “I had the pleasure of working with [my] writer, Patricia after trying unsuccessfully to get an interview for three months. Soon after placing my resume online I received 15 email inquiries and now have three interviews set up!”

Sharon Hart also had positive things to say: “TopResume…gave me the confidence I needed to submit my resume to top companies and I believe it was a major factor in securing the interviews I’ve had and in landing my dream job!”

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