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Why Women Are Heading Out of the Salon and Into Barber Shops

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Going to the salon as a woman can be ridiculously expensive. We spend $50, $100, or even more on just haircuts whereas men can get a fresh and stylish look at the barber shop for $10 or $20. Doesn’t seem fair does it? Many of my stylish friends say cutting short hair is harder than long hair, so the math doesn’t work out.

I love super short hair on women: I think it’s empowering and sexy, plus it’s super easy to maintain everyday. As more and more women opt for super short hair (yay!), some of us are forgoing the price tag of posh, over-the-top salons for the simple, no-frills barber shop. Especially as short hair needs to be cut a lot more often, paying $15 every three or four weeks saves you a ton of money over the pomp of luxury salons.

Check out some of coolest “men’s” cuts on women!

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These women are super sexy with their barber shop haircuts!

Shaved hair designs aren’t just for stylish men. Women can pull off awesome geometric shapes.

short hair woman

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Undercuts and shaved sides can be done at home or at a barber.

short hair woman

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