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Why You Should Always Read Those Pesky Terms and Conditions

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Click Here if You Agree to the Terms and Conditions

We all know the deal, and we’re all guilty of it.

Especially since the dawn of the digital age, it feels like we can’t make a single purchase or use a single program without agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions” that may apply. I’m talking apps, music, web programs, contests, even online shopping.

Sure, we all click the little box and agree to these Terms and Conditions, but in reality, do we? Everyone knows that these seemingly innocent Terms and Conditions are actually pages and pages of legal and contractual BS in the smallest font imaginable. I’d like to meet someone who actually sits there and reads all these things.

So what exactly are we agreeing to? One woman decided to teach people the hard way that you should always read something before signing.

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Source: YouTube @Jena Kingsley

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Sign Here Please

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Source: YouTube @Jena Kingsley

What would you say to entering a raffle for a free iPad? Sounds pretty good, right?

Millions of people encounter raffles and other promotions on a daily basis, whether in person or via an email blast. Many of us might immediately ignore such offers, but sometimes, it’s just too good to pass up. All you have to do is submit some personal information, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and sign your X on the line. Sounds easy enough, right?

Just One Catch

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Source: YouTube @Jena Kingsley

Only sometimes we don’t actually know what it is we’re signing up for, and the second you’ve written your John Hancock, you’ve legally agreed to something. Comedienne Jena Kingsley took advantage of this little slip-up we all make to trick people into some pretty awkward situations, including giving her the shirt off their back, donating a kidney, or even adopting a child.