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Winter Is Trumping: If Donald Trump Ruled Westeros

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Fire and Blood or Spray Tans and Wigs?

Huw Parkinson isn’t your average film editor.

Working for the Australian talk program Insiders ABC, Parkinson matches his keen eye and clever wit for pop culture to the hottest political topics of the day, producing unique and sublimely-edited video content that’s sure to tickle the current event-savvy with glee.

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Source: Twitter @avi_ren

Though he’s made a name for himself in Australia, Parkinson’s latest work is forcing its way into the American collective consciousness, and no Trump-built wall could hope to hold it back.

Suddenly Joffrey doesn’t seem so bad…

Perfectly meshing Donald Trump quotes with the Game of Thrones mythos, Parkinson manages to make the political candidate seem even more absurd.

trump 1

Source: YouTube @huw parkinson

Daenerys’s being held up at the gate of Qarth suddenly becomes much more real when likened to the plight of immigrants trying to enter the United States.

In his videos, Parkinson uses cuts of people’s faces and edits them onto the bodies of other characters and figures.

trump 2

Source: YouTube @huw parkinson

Half the magic is Parkinson’s ability to find perfect moments from movies, political events, or TV shows like Game of Thrones in which to supplant his new characters.

Naturally, the Wall makes for the perfect metaphor when it comes to Trump’s campaign.