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Woman Discovers Husband’s Dead Body Via ‘Find My iPhone’ App

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It’s The 21st Century Version Of Romeo & Juliet

For never was there a story of more woe than that of Carla Melendez and her Ramiro Acosta…or something like that. In 2016, it’s not out of the question that technology has the power to save lives: cars can detect highway lines and large animals and steer and brake to avoid accident; iPhone apps can help you locate friends and loved ones if they’re unresponsive.

But even with all of these technological advancements there will always be things that we can’t know, and things that are out of our control, and from that comes the the tragedy of love and unfortunate timing that’s right out of Shakespeare. The most recent example comes from Texas, where a woman tracked down her husband’s location using the app “Find My iPhone” only to discover that the signal she’d been following was being broadcast from the pocket of her husband’s dead body.

woman uses Find iPhone App to discover husband's dead body

Source: YouTube @SourceFed

Find out how this iPhone app helped one woman find her husband’s dead body, and find out exactly what happened to him by reading on!

When Her Husband Didn’t Come Home, She Began To Get Worried

woman uses Find iPhone App to discover husband's dead body

Source: YouTube @SourceFed

Carla Melendez was worried when her husband, Ramiro Acosta, was out much later than planned. He wasn’t answering his phone, so before she went to sleep, she decided to check his location on the “Find My iPhone” app. When she saw that he was just 30 minutes away from their house, she decided he would probably be home soon, so she went to sleep. Needless to say, it was a pretty uneasy night of sleep for her.

In The Morning, She Checked His Location Again: He Hadn’t Moved

Find My iPhone app

Source: YouTube @SourceFed

When Carla woke up the next morning to find Ramiro still gone, she looked at “Find My iPhone” again and her heart stopped: Ramiro’s phone was still in the exact same location that it had been the night before. “It showed trees and it was weird because why would his phone be by trees? It was there for a while,” Carla explained to the police. So she decided to follow the trail.