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Woman Suffers Verbal Abuse at the Cafe, What She Does Next Could Teach Us All a Lesson

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Source: Facebook @Leah Marie Kreutzer

What would you do if a pair of complete strangers started insulting you in public?

Most of us probably wouldn’t react well to that situation. Some of us might even get aggressive and fight back. But Dianne Hoffmeyer of Fort Gratiot, Michigan did just the opposite. She bought them coffee.

It started out as a normal day for Dianne, who was running errands with her 22-month-old daughter. They made a routine stop at the local Tim Horton’s–a doughnut and coffee shop–when the nearly unthinkable happened.

Two middle-aged women behind Dianne and her daughter in line began insulting the mom under their breath. “Look at her hair,” they said, “it’s nasty looking and the roots are coming through.” But their schoolyard insults didn’t stop there.


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Source: ABC 7

“She’s a whale.” As Hoffmeyer ordered her cappuccino, the women remarked, “The whale needs to eat. The whale needs to have liquids, maybe she should go back into the water.” That’s when Dianne started to cry. Little did the two strangers know that Dianne had always dealt with weight issues, recently losing over 177 pounds. Even as she started to cry, Hoffmeyer decided to turn the situation around.


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Source: ABC 7

While the women continued insulting Dianne for no reason, she turned to the cashier and said, “I’ll pay for their coffee.” Then without even speaking to her verbal assailants, Dianne paid for their drinks, picked up her order, and walked out.

Amazingly, Dianne chose the high road even in a situation where most of us would get defensive and even return the insults. Although she spent the next 15 minutes crying in the car, Dianne said she wanted her daughter to see the example she had set and know that there are good people in the world.

Hoffmeyer’s ordeal went viral after she wrote about the horrible situation on her Facebook. Since then, she’s been receiving words of praise and comfort from around the globe. She said she’d never seen the two women who were insulting her before, but that if she ever came face to face with them again, she would buy them more coffee, sit down with them, and talk about their hurtful actions.

Now that is an INSPIRING story that serves as a great reminder to how we should all be reacting in adverse situations. Have you ever experienced something similar to this? How did you react?

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