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Woman Shares Vicious Texts She Got After Refusing To Have Sex With This Guy

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Whatever happened to ‘no’ meaning ‘NO’

I remember the days when people would warn me about guys who’d wine and dine me, only to get something in return. Now, I’ve had my fair share of guys who’ve spoiled me on dates, and I’ve been lucky enough to not have to “pay” them back for such doings. Well, everyone isn’t as lucky as me, especially Arielle Musa, who went out with a guy who pretty much went off on her when she didn’t “show” her “gratitude.”

Arielle met a guy named Endri on Tinder. They hit it off and went on a date to a bar at Rutgers University, in New Jersey. But Arielle soon realized that her feelings for him were casual, and made it clear that she didn’t want to hook up with him at the end of the night.

Well, apparently Endri had other plans because he was pretty p.o.’d when she refused giving him some. He sent her a number of mean and derogatory texts that she screenshot and sent to her friend, Tamara. Tamara did just about what any girl would do — she posted them online.

Guys, don’t splurge on a girl in hopes of getting some action afterwards. Because when you don’t, you’ll end up like this guy — made fun of on social media. Who’s the fool now?

Woman Shares Vicious Texts feat

Source: Twitter @araferal

WARNING: These texts contain strong language.

Tamara posted the texts to Twitter

Woman Shares Vicious Texts 01

Source: Twitter @araferal

When Tamara got a hold of her friend’s screenshots, she took to her Twitter and said, “Y’all, my friend went on a date with some psychopath. This is why I rarely go on dates. Men feel so entitled.” She then posted the string of texts. Here’s the first one.

Arielle seemed pretty upfront about her decision. No means no without an explanation being needed. And then he hit her with a racial slur? This guy’s got some nerve…

He gets super salty

Woman Shares Vicious Texts 02

Source: Twitter @araferal

Typical! Anytime a boy gets mad at a woman because she doesn’t give him what he wants, this is what happens. Notice I said BOY, not man.