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Woman Undergoing Chemo Gets the Surprise of Her Life

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Mary Glasure, 59, was scheduled to have her first chemotherapy treatment last month. The mother of seven was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s no easy feat to be brave during the big C-word. And undergoing chemo is serious business. In most occasion the side effects of making hospital trips and countless doctors sometimes don’t have the best bedside manner for their patients. But Mary got the surprise of her life.

mary glasure and doctor

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Have the tissue ready!

Hard times

robert glasure grave

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Life wasn’t easy for the Glasure family. Mary lost her husband over twenty years ago. She had to raise all seven of her kids by herself. Any single mom knows how hard it is to even raise one child alone, let alone seven.


glasure family

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No matter what life throws at them, The Glasure family sticks together and supports each other.