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Woman’s Shirt Matches Hotel Hallway So The Internet FREAKS Out!

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When You’re Checking Into Your Hotel, You Always Want The Element Of Surprise

…Or something like that. Every once in a while, an image comes along that is so mind-bogglingly perfect that it breaks the internet. Last year, it was “The Dress” *cue evil, dramatic music.* Yes, the dreaded image that at times showed a gold and while dress and would suddenly appear black and blue. That image had the internet wondering, “What dark magic containeth this volatile garment?”

So this image isn’t quite on the metaphysical, defies-laws-of-physics level that the dress was, but it’s damn close — an Imgur user recently uploaded this photo of her friend perfectly matching the walls of the hotel they had just checked into, and it’s since been shared nearly 5 MILLION times.

Woman's Shirt Matches Hotel Hallway So The Internet FREAKS Out!


I mean, come on. What are the chances. “So my friend checked into a random hotel, and then this happened.” A RANDOM hotel? Just pull off the road, check into a hotel, and discover that the hotel is your long lost twin sister? It’s almost too good to believe.

“Well, one of us is gonna have to change,” quipped one user on Imgur, while another added in the witty comment, “Yeah, that’s a nice hallway … can we get a picture of your friend?”

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This girl’s outfit is on fleek, but it probably wasn’t the BIGGEST confidence booster to go to the bathroom and realize you look like a bathtub.