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Woman’s Shirt Matches Hotel Hallway So The Internet FREAKS Out!

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This woman deserves an award for the ecological accuracy of her accidental camouflage

girl accidentally matches the beach


Hopefully she doesn’t get dragged out by that undertow. The lifeguards might not be able to spot her from shore with that impressively coordinated swimsuit!

Keep reading to see people who have found their long lost identical twins on public transportation and bathroom walls.

Leave it to the British to create a line of clothing that deliberately matches the patterns found on the seats in the Tube

guy matches bus seat


All those London hipsters probably danced in the streets the day these puppies went up for sale.

However, for this unfortunate bus rider was totally unaware of her fashion faux pas

girl matches bus seat


We should have a day where everyone dresses up as camouflage bus seats and rides the bus, recording the reactions of confused people who sit down only to realize they’ve landed in the lap of an invisible human.