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Women of Reddit Reveal the Craziest Things They Have Done to Get Rid of a Stalker

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Don’t mess with these women.

Being stalked can be one of the most scariest thing in a person’s life. The unrelenting obsession happens more often to women. It’s scary to be alert, nervous and frightened all the time, never knowing where or when their stalker will make a creepy appearance. A physically bigger man is even more intimidating since you don’t know if they will attack you physically. And even if they have enough evidence to obtain legal protection, restraining orders doesn’t always deter these mentally-unstable people, and you have to take action into your own hands.That’s what the following Redditors did. Maybe you can use their methods, but, even if you don’t have a stalker, you will be able to appreciate the vengeance they got.

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These women are smart, resourceful and clever. Grrl power!

Brown and Down

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The guy always followed and attempted to grope me whenever I tried to go on a simple walk and even showed up at my doorstep persistently. There was a time when I was actually scared to leave my own house. The idea that I should feel so restricted by just one guy filled me with determination to do something so horrible that he would have no choice but to leave me alone.

I shat in a cup and threw it at him. It got all over his shirt and dripped down his front, setting him into a bitch panic. Thankfully, I never saw him again. (lizard_abortion)

Grandma to the Rescue

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Called his grandmother.

Was working at a diner in college after moving back to my hometown. I reconnect with a childhood friend, have some polite conversation but maintain strict boundaries.
Then he started showing up at my workplace. Every single day.
And hit on me relentlessly.

It got to the point where he would come in, buy a coffee or a soda, and then hang out for hours until my shift was over so he could follow me to my car. I wasn’t allowed to kick him out of the diner because “hey he’s a paying customer!” And I didn’t think I could call the cops. I told him over and over and over again to leave me alone, but of course, nothing. At one point he went into the diner while I was in class ( because of course he had memorized my schedule like a creepy little worm) and convinced my boss that he was my cousin and he had to get my phone number from her because “our” grandmother had had an accident.
That was the final straw. I went home, called my great grandma and got her to pull his grandmother’s phone number out of her address book. We had a great talk and she put the beat down on him I guess, because I never saw him again after that. (childerolande)