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Working Moms Have More Successful Daughters and Kinder Sons

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The hardest job in the world is to be a career woman AND raise children at the same time. Both are legitimate full-time jobs that come with a lot of responsibility and stress. While you might feel guilty being away from your children for so long every day, research has now found out that this practice is actually better for your children than being a stay-at-home mother. While there’s no replacing being at sports games, recitals and just all-around quality time with your kids, professionals have found that being an employed mother is more beneficial to your daughters and sons in the long run if they see you as an example of empowerment.

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No more guilt?

The Research

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Researchers from Harvard Business School looked at a 2002 and 2012 study from the Family and Changing Gender Roles section of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). This survey involved 50,000 people from two dozen countries from five different continents. The general findings were that adult daughters of working moms are more likely to be employed than adult daughters of mothers who stay home full-time when their daughters are young.

The Boys

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The sons of employed mothers end up having to take more at-home responsibilities caring for the family because mom isn’t around as much to carry the burden all by herself. Helping with chores, caring for younger siblings and learning life-skills early on turns boys into men who are more understanding of those hardships of having a family.