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Working Moms Have More Successful Daughters and Kinder Sons

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Gender Roles

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Why does a working mother tend to have well-to-do daughters and nicer sons? Little girls have more of a notion that they can do anything and they aren’t required to dedicate their life to raising a family. As for the sons, they have an understanding of what it is to be selfless, responsible and caring. According to this study: “Our findings reveal the potential for non-traditional gender role models to gradually erode gender inequality in homes and labour market.”

Not All Children

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Of course there are questions that are raised from the conclusion of this study. What if both parents work lucrative jobs? What are the odds that their children become stereotypical spoiled rich kids who turn out lazy and moraless?

Motherhood, whether you choose to have an outside career or not, is all about TLC. If you teach your kids right from wrong, encourage them and make sure they get a good education, you feel the unparalleled pride in knowing that you did your best and raised upstanding human beings.

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