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Worldwide Slang for That Time of the Month

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It’s That Time of Month Again. Will You Talk About It?

Why can’t we talk about women’s periods?

Female sexuality has long been a taboo topic in cultures across the globe, and perhaps no aspect of it is more hushed than menstruation. This monthly cycle is extremely helpful for regulating a woman’s reproductive system, helping a woman and her partner understand when she is most likely to conceive a child, and keeping her up to date on her internal health. Periods are about as natural as natural can be, and yet we shy away from speaking of them or acknowledging them in society.

Some might argue that our sexuality or bodily functions have no place in polite conversation, but when it comes to the way we treat the topic of menstruation and by extent, women on their periods, it’s a different story entirely. In reality, we’ve created a sociolinguistic barrier around the subject, which, instead of allowing women to love and accept their bodies, leads to an overpowering shame and even prejudice from others.

As much as society tries to make women pretend their period doesn’t exist, it’s still talked about, just never as straightforwardly as one might hope in this fight for equality between the sexes. So how do people talk about periods? We found some of the most interesting euphemisms from around the globe that people use to discuss the topic, and it goes to show how different cultures treat the subject.

period euphemism woman secret tampon

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How many of these have you heard before?


period euphemisms lingonberry

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“Lingonveckan” or lingonberry week

I love the lingonberry sauce used on the salted salmon at IKEA (DeepRoast)

I did too until I read this comment [deleted account]


period euphemisms mad cow disease


“Hullum lechman tauti” or Mad Cow Disease