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Would You Eat These Macabre Cakes?

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Let Them Eat Cake.

Aside from pure taste, one of the reasons why cake has remained such a popular dessert for centuries is the sheer variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that they come in. Each birthday, wedding, and special event, it feels like there’s a newer, bigger, better cake, and cake-offs are becoming increasingly popular cooking television.

The possibilities for cake designs are practically endless. It all comes down to the creativity and craft of the baker, and Katherine Dey is a cake aficionado with one heck of an imagination.

Pictures of her macabre cakes—which depict such scenes as edible infants, her husband’s severed head, and people’s exposed derrières—are going viral, and it has us wondering…

cake featured

Source: Imgur/ Katherine Dey

Would you be able to eat these gruesome cakes??

We’re sure Katherine’s husband shares her sense of humor, but do you think he took a bite of his own head?

cake 1

Source: Imgur/ Katherine Dey

These desserts are certainly not for the faint of heart.

cake 2

Source: Imgur/ Katherine Dey