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Would You Kill Someone for $1 Billion? Here’s How Americans Responded

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What Would You Do?

How far would you be willing to go to get a nice fat check in your pocket? A survey from recently questioned 1,000 Americans about the horrible deeds they would commit and how much it would take to push them there.

How much would it cost for you to shoplift? To commit arson? What about poisoning someone’s pet? While many of us would never consider these things no matter what the price, the results of the survey showed a different breakdown of this group’s American morals.

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For starters, 6% of those who took the poll said they would commit murder for $1 billion and 22% would pose for a nude magazine, but that’s hardly the most surprising response on the survey.

Here’s What Americans Would Do for the Right Price


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Overall, the results of the study are pretty shocking, though you have to wonder who the population was and what their situations are. It’s interesting to see how easily people can be influenced against their morals or the law to commit such acts where money is involved, but I don’t think it’s entirely surprising.

A lot of this comes down to personal factors like your own conscience and financial standings, but it’s worth taking note that sex also factored into the equation. Men were three times more likely than women to perform sexual acts on strangers for $1 million or billion, and they were about four times as likely to commit murder for $1 billion or kick a kitten or puppy. Harsh.

Respondents also indicated that they considered murder the worst of the acts on the survey, followed by poisoning a pet or framing somebody for murder or arson. On the other hand, shoplifting was considered the least consequential. Here are the results:


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Starting at $1,000, 6% of respondents said they would pose for a nude magazine, while 15% of people said they would shoplift or illegally bet on sports.

For just $1,000, more respondents were willing to murder another person than poison a stray animal.