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Would You Kill Someone for $1 Billion? Here’s How Americans Responded

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As the prices went up, so did the willingness of the participants to commit questionable and illegal acts. At $10,000, 10% were willing to knowingly spend counterfeit money, lie under oath, or steal a bike. 20% would shoplift, steal a street sign, or even flash a stranger for that amount.


stolen street sign

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Would you start to cave for $100,000? With a more tempting offer, 20% of people said they would steal from a hotel or restaurant or forge a signature. 10% were already willing to enter a fake marriage, evade taxes, steal a purse, or perform sexual acts on a stranger. 25% of people would also steal a street sign for $100,000, but considering that teenagers do that for free, it doesn’t seem very surprising.

$1,000,000 – $100,000,000

guns and money

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Now things really start to get interesting. 10% of Americans would star in amateur porn, punch a stranger in the face, smuggle drugs across the border, or commit credit card fraud for $1,000,000. Are the after effects worth it for you?

For a whopping $100,000,000, 25% of people would lie to police or donate a sperm/ egg without telling their partner. 15% would fake their own deaths guaranteed this much cash, while 10% would take steroids, beat up a stranger, or even kick a kitten or puppy.

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