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Wrestler Wins Match Using Only His WHAT??

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He Really ‘Peens’ Him Down Hard!

Is going viral even impressive anymore?

While many aspiring YouTubers, Viners, and video makers at large hope to achieve viral success online, sometimes, the sorts of things that end up blasting to stardom by garnering hundreds of thousands of views make you wonder if the fame is really worth it.

Case in point: this wrestling video from Japan where the many pins his competition using only his…Well, maybe it’s best if you see the video.

weiner wrestling intro

Source: YouTube @Joey Ryan

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Get Ready to Grumble

weiner wrestling 1

Source: YouTube @Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan is an accomplished wrestler who started appearing in WWE promotions back around 2005 and currently works in the independent circuit. His latest gig with Pro Wrestling recently took him to Osaka, Japan, where he faced off against Dino Danshoku in a test of strength.

He Did What?

weiner wrestling 2

Source: YouTube @Joey Ryan

Typically, when you think of a test of strength, you think of arm wrestling, an all-out brawl, or maybe even an academic decathlon, Billy Madison style. But that’s not what Joey Ryan had in mind to prove his fortitude as a man.

When Danshoku, who often plays exaggerated homosexual characters, grabbed Ryan’s privates mid-match, the American turned the situation around into an amazing display of theatrics. Danshoku is well known for his low blow/ testicular claw move, so perhaps Ryan saw this coming.

As the Japanese wrestler grabbed his manhood in what would normally be a crippling move, Ryan uses only his junk to perform a never-before-seen suplex, flipping Danshoku over onto flat onto his back. Say what?