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Yelp! Employee Writes Open Letter To CEO Complaining That She Isn’t Paid Enough, Gets Fired

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She Tried To Turn Her Termination Into A Cause For Positive Change

woman writes open letter to Yelp! CEO, loses her job

Source: Twitter @itsa_talia

“The tech industry can’t afford to NOT pay living wages to their frontline workers,” she tweeted. “The need for living wages – regardless of where you are, circumstances, or background – is real and it is imperative that we seek change.”

There’s no doubt that Talia’s got a point. However, considering the fact that she took a minimum wage job at a company in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country (the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the bay area is $3,500 per month), could it be that Talia’s situation has more to do with poor financial planning on her own part than anything else?

Not to mention the fact that when you sign a contract with a company like Yelp!, there’s undoubtedly some clause in the legal jargon that forbids slander against the brand — a public open letter complaining about treatment of workers probably falls into that category.

But just when we thought things were looking down for Talia, an stranger heard about her story and came out of left field with a surprise that she NEVER saw coming.

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After Her Story Went Viral, Sympathetic Internet Donors Lent A Helping Hand

woman writes open letter to Yelp! CEO, loses her job

Source: Twitter @itsa_talia

After Talia’s story got shared on social media platforms, a GoFundMe campaign was established to help her get on her feet while she’s looking for a new job. Just goes to show you that the world isn’t a place full of awful people!

Here Are The Lessons We Can Learn from Talia:

woman writes open letter to Yelp! CEO, loses her job

Source: Twitter @itsa_talia

A) If you have a complaint about your job, talk to your manager about it before you decide to publish an open letter. You might actually get what you ask for, instead of getting fired.
B) Seek employment opportunities in a place where you can actually afford to live — you can’t take life 0-100 in 60 seconds! Work and save for the life you hope to have — that Spice Girls dream Talia was talking about.
C) If those options don’t work out, go ahead and publish that open letter. People might start randomly donating money to you!

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